Friday, December 28, 2012

Sedona, Arizona Fun!

Jeff’s brothers from California and Florida let town…

we were all a little blue…

The weather was nice….

So we went to Sedona.


We posed for some pictures….



Did a little shopping!


Posed some more….

And had a yummy Mexican dinner…

     with Jeff’s youngest brother, his family and his parents!

We can’t wait to go again!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas in Arizona-- 2012

We reflect on the fact that last Christmas Jeff was very ill and we were unable to visit Arizona at Christmas… and are so thankful for God’s protection and healing or Jeff’s body!
We always love to be together with Jeff’s parents, his brother’s and their families.
This year was no exception.
We had the kids pose by the Christmas Tree. 
Once with their Christmas Jammies…
As you can see… Myah was less than happy about having her picture taken at that moment!
and once with their Christmas Clothes!
I am not sure what they were looking at… but it was obviously NOT ME!
After breakfast… it was time to read the Bible and reflect on the reason we celebrate Christmas…..
and then on to the presents!
We found ourselves a Super Hero, or Two or Three….

along with a cape and magic wand for Princess M!
Inkpads, paper and pattern books for Z, Glow in the Dark Science for A, who knows for Mighty S…
Dora bath toys for Princess M, ASU for Daddy and new dishes for Mommy!
There were lots of presents for everyone!
The kids played….
and who knows what she was doing!?!?
Lots of food…. and fun….
and a Family Christmas picture!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Treasured Time with Ivy Joy and Mary too!

Princess M and I were blessed to spend time with Ivy Joy and her mommy Mary,                                     while we were in Arizona for Christmas.

Silly us… we decided to meet at the mall.

Once we met up… we went straight to the Train!


The girls were both very excited!!!


Getting presents is LOTS OF FUN!

Then off to the little Merry Go Round!


Not once… but twice….


Followed by a little shopping…

some warm pretzels

and some fun times looking at puppies!


Both girls love, love, love puppies!


Our time together was short….

but oh so good!

We pray that Princess M and Ivy Joy will soon be together again!

Tuesday, November 27, 2012


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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Ready for Light the Night at Church

The big boys came home from school and quickly changed into their costumes...  3 hours early!

Sam was delighted to put his on... 
 and Myah was not so sure.  Daddy convinced her to put it on... and once it was on... she liked it!

Each year our church has Light the Night.  It is an opportunity to Trunk or Treat in a safe environment.  Our kids were very excited!  The bucket Sam holds is empty in the picture but VERY VERY FULL when we were finished... a long with 3 other buckets!

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Meeting another sweet China Princess!

Princess M and the other Princess M!

Going to school.....

....or floating in a boat.....

.... or riding a bull....
Spending time with Sweet friends.....
A little sliding is good!

Maybe a driving lesson or two....

While the adoption community is so big... it is also so small.  At the start of last year a friend contacted me and asked if she could share my contact info with another friend.  They were starting the adoption process and knew NO ONE else that had adopted from China.

That led to lots of messages back and forth between Jessica and myself.... emails... calls... sharing of pictures......


They leave a little over 3 hours from here... so while we were visiting Branson with Jeff's parents, we were able to meet Jessica... and their Princess M.

I so treasure the friendships that have come through our journey's to the other side of the world to get our daughters!

Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Dixie Stampede with Poppy and Mimi Stone and Uncle Brian

Poppy and Mimi Stone along with Uncle Brian Stone came to MO for a conference.  We were able to go to The Dixie Stampede.
 On the way in....
 we saw lots of horses!

 Myah was very excited about every horse.

This was at the pre-show.  I am not sure where Poppy was... and I was taking the picture!

The kids LOVED IT!