Monday, February 13, 2012

Ivy is now with her mommy!

I was surprised last night to look at my phone and see a few texts from China!  That's right, Mary was texting me from China.  She was so anxious to see and hold and kiss her precious baby girl.  The time finally arrived last night at about 7 PM central time. 

This is the picture that Mary sent me!!!

 I am not sure why the picture is so fuzzy.  Today I woke up to see these precious pictures!  Isn't she lovely!?!?

Mary says that she is scared but brave!  Please continue to pray for her health and bonding!  You can follow along with them while they are in China, by clicking here

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Myah's friend Ivy is coming home!

I first got a glimpse of Ivy when we received this picture from a family that visited the orphanage.

Ivy is the precious baby on the left.  Notice that she is wearing the dress that you saw months ago on Myah.  Remember that in an orphanage, the children don't have anything that is just their own.  I will point out also that the little one on the right was adopted at the same time as Myah and we were able to spent two weeks with her family.

Ok... back to Ivy.  She has a serious heart condition and will be receiving medical care as soon as they arrive back in the United States.  When we were preparing to leave for China, Ivy's mom Mary asked if I could check on her.  I agreed, of course.  We were able to see Ivy and take pictures of her.  Here is one of them!
Isn't she precious?  After we got home from China, I began to communicate a lot more with her Mom and we were able to meet in Arizona over Thanksgiving!  But there is more!  Every time I show Myah pictures of Ivy she practically leaps into the computer screen.  In the orphanage they spent all of their time together and Myah clearly remembers her!

Thankfully, Ivy's adoption day is next Monday and she will be back to the USA in a couple of weeks!!!  We hope to be able to get our precious baby girls together when we are in Arizona later this month.  As for now, please pray for sweet Ivy.  Pray for her as she is separated from her nanny and given to her new Mamma.  Pray for her health as they travel.  Pray for God to protect her heart until she is able to receive medical care in the USA!

Back the the dress that they both have worn.... I choose to think of them sharing, like sisters!!!

We are praying for you Mary and Ivy!  I can't wait for our precious babies to meet again!