Friday, December 30, 2011

A quick trip to Silver Dollar City!

We love Silver Dollar City and especially at Christmas time.  We were blessed with 5 free tickets which meant we had an extra ticket (the babies are both free), so we took Johnny with us!  We were so glad to have him with us.  It was a quick trip!  There and back in one day!!!

On the way, we stopped at Osceola Cheese.  While Jeff and Alexander were inside, Zachary felt it was best to fill the time with a picture with the mouse.
 Then off to Silver Dollar City

 1st up was eating... and then a kiddie coaster ride for Alexander and Zachary.

They both loved it.  Zachary was so excited about the big coasters at Disney, over Christmas.

Then it was time for a ride for Sam.  He loved it and wanted to ride another ride......
so next up was a ride for all of the kids.  Jeff and I rode too.

The Frosty the Snowman Show was very cute.  They asked all the kids to come up on stage.  The boys all went up and Myah stayed with us.

 Zachary wrote a letter to Santa, then we saw Santa and his helper.

The boys enjoyed decorating and eating a sugar cookie.

Finally, before heading home, we enjoyed the light display to Christmas music.

We had a great day!  Thanks Marc and Kara for the tickets!!!

Alexander's School Christmas Program

One of the blessings of Alexander being in a Christian School is that we don't have to deal with "Holiday Programs" or "Winter Programs."  Each year Alexander's school has a Christmas program.  It is fun to hear the kids sing and play.  Here are the pictures of Alexander's portion of the program!  We are so proud of him.

Decorating the Christmas Tree

We bought a new tree this year.  It was time for a change.  The 4 foot tree I have had from collage and often times placed on a box to make it taller and the Palm tree Christmas tree that was purchased years ago in Jeff's honor were just not doing the trick this year for me.... so I went shopping.  I am happy with the tree!

There is much to be thankful for on Myah's 1st Thankgiving!

We spent Thanksgiving in Arizona with Jeff's family.  His brothers were all present except for Jason and his family.  They were missed!  It was great to spend time with the family that we don't get to see very often.  The thing we are most thankful for this year is that Myah is no longer an orphan, and she now has a forever family!!!  Here are some pictures!

 Zachary was helping Poppy Stone peel potatoes.  He did a great job.
 Myah and Auntie Erin.
 Zachary, Eva, Evan and Alexander
 Sam was tuckered out!
 Myah, Auntie Erin and Audra
 Alexander and Myah
 Uncle Brian Stone and Myah
 Mimi Stone

Myah and Uncle John.

 Myah and Aunt Dixie.  I have mentioned her before.  God has used this lady in mighty ways.  She is a true prayer warrior!!!
 Isn't she sweet!
Myah and Aunt Kara