Sunday, January 27, 2013

宋 文 霞

Shortly after we accepted the referral for Princess M, I was introduced to a company called Jiayin Designs.  

They sell many things, but the thing that I LOVED the most are the hand made charms!     
I sent them an email with the Chinese letters that make up Princess M’s given name and a few weeks later the charm arrived in the mail.  

It is so fun to wear it, because people notice jewelry! 
             It has opened the door to share with people our story. 

A story of how many years ago, God laid on my heart the love for orphans and the calling to one day adopt!

It was fun to wear before our adoption because I was able to share pictures of our love bug with them.  

Now when I wear it, people can see our love bug in person!  

Of course, while in China, I wore it, and it was neat that those that cared for Princess M for the first 13 1/2 months of her life noticed my necklace.

The craftsmanship is like none other!  You need to check them out!!! and
I leave you today with a picture of me wearing my special charm.  

Gotcha Day! 029

The day we were given our precious daughter! 

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Ivy Cover picture!

          God’s plans are perfect.  I remind myself of this often…. 

mostly when I don’t understand what He is doing!

          You all know that Ivy Joy is a very important person in our world.

It breaks me that she has suffered so much…..

yet in the midst of my misunderstanding….


Last Thursday was the beginning of her need to return to Boston last night, with the aid of an Air ambulance.  She and her momma Mary arrived late last night.

Last night Ivy went through several tests….

Later today, she will have more….

But for now we know, this is what Mary shares.

This one comes with a lot more hesitation and yet peace in knowing that whatever Gods plan, we are in the palm of His big and mighty able hands.
Ivy's heart is in severe heart failure. Both ventricles have lower function than she's ever seen. She is having her belly drained now, it's the result of her heart failure that it keeps getting big. Currently 22 inches!
Her heart rate is 140 with meds. She is having arrhythmia's (also thought to likely be what happened Thursday that I thought was a seizure)
After the drain is put in they are taking her for a TE echo (echo done going in through the throat)
and then a Cath. Her tricuspid valve regurgitation is severe, her right pulmonary artery occluded and her mitral valve suspected to have clotting on the leaflet not moving. They are calling the risk for just the cath, critical. high risk due to the condition of her heart and the drastic decline of its function.
I didn't have to make this trip. I made it with every last dime I could muster up because I KNEW this is where she needed to be! No one was catching this in Phoenix but I just knew something wasn't right.
Dr Marx said her heart is at its worse ever. And her so called seizure was likely her heart being restarted because she's in severe heart failure. She is so incredibly special! I have no idea why God keeps choosing to keep her here on this earth and not take her home with Him but clearly He still has lots of plans for this child I'm so blessed to call my daughter!
A big big day for my small but fierce girl! Hope is here!
I covet every prayer you lovingly pray for Ivy and our family.


Princess M sings Jesus Loves Me!


THIS, Makes a Mommy Proud!

Monday, January 7, 2013

Princess M faces surgery #4.

As you know Princess M had surgery on November 1st, to do some work on her lip and nose. 
I thought we were done for a while….
but a spot on her nose that was once red….
that had been treated with medication…
had really gotten much better….
SUDDENLY started looking very bad.
After a call to our doctor on Sunday, he said to come to the hospital at 8 AM on Monday…
he would likely take her to the OR.
He was right… the need to go to the OR was real.
As we waited…. her nose grew. 
Thankfully, it didn’t bother her… except when I was putting medication on it.
Princess M was able to color on a baby doll (none of that at home little sister)!
She and Mighty S were able to drive some cars….
while we waited for them to take her back.
The cause?  An un-dissolved stitch.
Now out….
and her nose is looking much, much, better! 

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Sweet Friends… that live so very far away!

Over 4 years ago …
we met a very special family at church….
We became fast friends….
and even had our 3rd babies just 6 weeks apart.
Sadly… they had to move…..
all the way to FLORIDA!
After 1 1/2 years of not seeing each other….
it was TIME!
We met at a McDonalds….
Since we were last together…
Trisha was pregnant with baby #4….
and we were waiting to travel to get Princess M.
Trisha and I talked….
Our husbands did too! 
while the kids played!
The 2 hours of fun…
passed too quickly.
Until next time, Burbach family….
we loved our time with you!