Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Friendships are so precious!

All the way back in April I was contacted by a lady name Sandra.  She found me through an adoption yahoo group and she wanted to buy some hair clips to support our adoption.  I was oh so grateful for her purchase and truly never thought that we would become friends!  Here we are 8 months later and she has become a dear friend!

I am always anxious for her 5 PM call, as you commutes home from work.  Maybe she just needs someone to talk to on the way home.  HUM!?!?  Just kidding!!!  She and her husband Steve are adopting a precious baby girl from China.  Kylie was also born with a cleft lip and palate.  Sounds like a life long friendship in the making.

Sandra has been such a dear friend, encourager, prayer warrior for me as we went through the process of bring Myah home.  Now as they are waiting to bring Kylie home, I pray that I can be those things for her too.

Adoption is expensive!  Sandra and Steve are working hard to cover the costs for their adoption.  You can help!  Follow this link to see information about their i-pad giveaway.

You will also notice on the sidebar of her blog that they has adoption shirts that are available as a fundraiser.
Finally, you can go to this link:

for a Thirty One Gifts fundraiser.

Will you 1st stop and pray for them as they approach the point where they will go to China to get their daughter.  2nd, pray about what you can do to help them with the last expenses they have for the adoption.

I am so thankful for my sweet friend Sandra and look forward to the time when we can meet in person with our 2 precious babies in our arms!

Thanks friends!!!


Thursday, November 24, 2011

Myah is full of smiles!!!

 Every time she saw the camera she put on the cheese!  Sometimes the smile was gone before the camera clicked... but she sure had fun being photographed!

BEARIZONA with Poppy, Mimi, Auntie Kara, Uncle Brian and Cousin Evan!

There is a great place just about 30 minutes from Flagstaff that is called BEARIZONA!  Guess what they have there?!?!?!  You guessed it... BEARS... and other animals too!  Oh what fun we had.  It has been nearly a year since we were last there, and most of the bears were sleeping for the winter last time.  THIS TIME they were AWAKE!!!

At Bearizona, you drive through the areas where the animals are.  

 First, we saw other animals. 

And Myah laughed, clapped and pointed!

Then came the BEARS!

After we finished the drive-thru, we parked the car to see some baby bears and other animals!

 I am very thankful that the bears did not try to escape the fenced area!
After we finished the drive-thru, we parked the car to see some baby bears and other animals!

And then we went to the farm animal section, and the kids could touch the animals!