Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Children are a blessing from the Lord!

A late trip to Indiana for Alexander's 8th birthday!

Alexander told us he wanted to go to a Phoenix Sun's Basketball game for his birthday.  We did some research and found that the best game for us to go to was the Indiana Pacers Game.  ROAD TRIP... HERE WE COME!  We were gone March 23rd and March 24th.

We arrived in Indianapolis early enough to visit the state capital.

WOW!  Look at that.... 
Pretty stained glass window!

 Sam did not want to be carried.

After checking into our hotel and eating dinner...

Jeff and Alexander went to the game.....

While I stayed at the hotel with the 3 younger kids.

On Saturday we had treats at The Chocolate Cafe that was by this Monument
 Then off to
First the museum

then a bus ride around the 2 1/2 mile track.

 The scoreboard
Some of the stands
The press building
 The winners podium

It was time to hit the road towards home.  On the way home we stopped in Terre Haute, Indiana.  Jeff and his family lived there for a year.  We drove by his old house, the building his mom taught in and to visit his BSU director. 

It was a great FAST trip to Indiana!

Space Bound

 Jeff was able to take a few days off work during Alexander's Spring Break.  Since it was a rainy day... we needed to do something indoors. 

We have a local business that our children would be A-OK with visiting EVERY SINGLE DAY....
if I would take them!  We went to Space Bound!

Our first time there Myah would not participate.  Each time since she has been a bit more brave.  

In addition to this huge slide, there are maze inflatables and bounce houses!  Oh what fun....

to go SPACE BOUND!  (If you are in KC... you should check it out!)