Monday, January 7, 2013

Princess M faces surgery #4.

As you know Princess M had surgery on November 1st, to do some work on her lip and nose. 
I thought we were done for a while….
but a spot on her nose that was once red….
that had been treated with medication…
had really gotten much better….
SUDDENLY started looking very bad.
After a call to our doctor on Sunday, he said to come to the hospital at 8 AM on Monday…
he would likely take her to the OR.
He was right… the need to go to the OR was real.
As we waited…. her nose grew. 
Thankfully, it didn’t bother her… except when I was putting medication on it.
Princess M was able to color on a baby doll (none of that at home little sister)!
She and Mighty S were able to drive some cars….
while we waited for them to take her back.
The cause?  An un-dissolved stitch.
Now out….
and her nose is looking much, much, better! 

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