Sunday, January 27, 2013

宋 文 霞

Shortly after we accepted the referral for Princess M, I was introduced to a company called Jiayin Designs.  

They sell many things, but the thing that I LOVED the most are the hand made charms!     
I sent them an email with the Chinese letters that make up Princess M’s given name and a few weeks later the charm arrived in the mail.  

It is so fun to wear it, because people notice jewelry! 
             It has opened the door to share with people our story. 

A story of how many years ago, God laid on my heart the love for orphans and the calling to one day adopt!

It was fun to wear before our adoption because I was able to share pictures of our love bug with them.  

Now when I wear it, people can see our love bug in person!  

Of course, while in China, I wore it, and it was neat that those that cared for Princess M for the first 13 1/2 months of her life noticed my necklace.

The craftsmanship is like none other!  You need to check them out!!! and
I leave you today with a picture of me wearing my special charm.  

Gotcha Day! 029

The day we were given our precious daughter! 


  1. Hey Jennifer - I just e-mailed you on the SWA list - should have checked your blog first - I see you are already home some time now! Great joy for you guys - and hugs -

    aus and co.